How we work

The Trust is a multi academy trust (MAT), a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity.  This means it must work to the regulations affecting companies and charities and those related to MATs. It works within approved Articles of Association

A small group of Members oversees the work of the Trust and is responsible for overarching decisions, such as changing the Trust’s Articles of Association, the appointment of Directors who sit on the Trust's Board, and Governors who sit on the Trust's Local Governing Committees and may hold Directors and the Board to account.

A Board of Directors, appointed by our Members and which includes our Members, is responsible for the strategic direction of the Trust, in the same way as a Board oversees a Company or Charity. Board meetings are held at least once every term.

Directors' responsibilities are set out in our Terms of Reference and include:

  • ensuring the Trust is being run effectively
  • controlling its management and administration
  • ensuring the Trust maintains its vision and values and delivers the outcomes which it has defined for pupils and the Trust.

The Board delegates some functions to committees and their structure and membership is set out below.

In their meetings, the Trust's committees focus on different areas of the Trust's work and make recommendations for action to the Board. 

  • The Finance, Premises and Risk Committee oversees and controls issues related to the Trust’s budget and accounting, health and safety and premises management.
  • The Personnel Committee oversees issues staffing and employment.
  • The Pay Committee oversees pay and pensions for all staff employed by the Trust who work to common and consistent standards and conditions. 

Local Governing Committees (LGCs) are appointed by the Board  to provide oversight for each of the schools within the Trust. Made up of Governors who are recruited locally, the work of LGCs resembles the governing bodies of maintained schools. Their work is set within the vision, values and policies defined by the Trust and governed by an approved Scheme of Delegation. Further details of their work, including thier register of interests and meeting attendance can be found on each schools website.

Uffculme Academy Trust Governance 

UAT Articles of Association

UAT Terms of Reference 2020-21

Scheme of Delegation Summary September 2020

UAT Directors' appointments and business interests 2018-19

UAT Director's appointments and business interests 2019-20

UAT Director's appointments and business interests 2020-21

UAT Director's meeting attendance 2018-19

UAT Director's meeting attendance 2019-20

Code of conduct


Government Guidance on Academy Governance 

Education and Skills Agency Governance Handbook 2019

Education and Skills Agency Financial Handbook 2019 

Education and Skills Agency Financial Handbook 2020