Holyrood Academy

At Holyrood Academy, our beliefs about education are very simple: we believe that every student, regardless of background or ability, should be supported and challenged to achieve the very best they can. Academic achievement is of paramount importance here and education has a unique power to unlock doors to opportunities in the future - this is the core purpose of Holyrood. Holyrood has a diverse and extremely talented student body, of which we are very proud.

We are a comprehensive school and as such we are absolutely committed to making sure that every child's ambitions are nurtured and encouraged. Alongside this and of equal importance is the wider set of opportunities that students get to experience success on the stage, in the art studio, on a trip or on the sports field.

Holyrood Academy also has a Sixth Form, in which we are all striving for excellence. We are absolutely committed to helping Students to stand out against thousands of other young people. We do this by ensuring that you achieve the best possible grades, by allowing them opportunities to give something back to our school and wider community through volunteering and enrichment programmes and by providing students with life skills and experiences through LLP.

We make no apology for wanting our students to achieve fantastically well whilst enjoying school in a happy and safe environment.

Mr Dave MacCormick